doctor anghel

I started this long journey more than 15 years ago in anatomy dissection rooms trying to understand the anatomy of the human body and I graduated in the medical school of Cantabria in Santander. After 5 years of training at the Hospital Clínico de Valencia together with great professionals in this specialty, I followed the path at the Quirón clinic in Valencia, the Sancarlos clinic in Denia and the Marina Salud Denia hospital.


  • Bachelor of Medicine 2004 at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Cantabria, Santander.
  • Doctorate courses in the Department of Surgery of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia, with outstanding qualification.
  • Presentation of the research work in September 2008 with Outstanding qualification, entitled: "Clinical and radiological comparative study between the gamma nail, dyax and gamma3".
  • Obtaining the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in November 2008 with Outstanding qualification.


Professional experience:

  • Training as a Resident Physician in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology from June 21, 2005 to June 20, 2010, the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia, head of service Prof. D. F. Gomar.
  • Currently I work as an assistant doctor in orthopedic surgery and traumatology at Marina Denia Health Hospital, Clinic Quiron Valencia, San Carlos Denia Clinic since May 2010 and I am in charge of hip, knee, foot and ankle surgery.

Publications, presentations and presentations at congresses:

  • Prophylaxis in venous thromboembolic disease in manual orthopedic surgery of cot residents. A.Anghel, J.Hartinger, A.Silvestre.
  • Scientific poster CC-569: Olecranon pathological fracture in a 74-year-old patient: Bone tumors differential diagnosis. Anghel, L Pine, P Renovell, T Jolin. Presented at 43 SECOT National Congress, Barcelona 2006.
  • Oral communication at the AIOD meeting at the 43 National SECOT Congress, Barcelona 2006: Clinical and radiological comparative study between Gamma nail, Dyax and Gamma 3. Anghel, L. Pino, F. Almeida, P. Renovell.
  • Oral communication in the GEER national congress, Las palmas Gran Canarias 2009. Long-term results of circumferential artodesis in lumbar pathology. A. Anghel, J. I. Maruenda, Villamon Lisandra, L. Puertes.
  • 1st prize for oral communication in AIOD meeting at the 43 National Congress SECOT 2006, entitled "Clinical and radiological comparative study between Gamma nail, Dyax and Gamma 3".