The surgery known as MIS (Minimal Invasive surgery) or as percutaneous surgery, allow us to work on the damaged area making  a small incision (less than 8-10 mm). Consequently, the trauma of near tissues is minimal.  It also requires of radiological visualisation during the surgery, in order to bring into focus the surgical gestures to carry through.

Percutaneous surgery is pointed out to correct foot deformities. There is a exception of cases in which the condition of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe has signs of arthrosis.  Therefore its function would be non-viable, then we will choose open surgery techniques.

The great advantage of this type of surgeries is the use of local anesthesia only for toes or the use of ankle blockage. This blockage will allow the patients to traipse promptly and a more extended and effective pain control rather than other techniques.